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Our Intuitive AI Platform.

Unlock the potential of effortless content creation with our AI platform, offering a vast range of premade templates that enable users to generate compelling content quickly and efficiently, regardless of their level of expertise.

Document Management System

Ferax AI’s cloud storage feature allows users to securely save their AI-generated documents, images, and speech-to-text audio files.

By storing content on the cloud, users have convenient access to their files from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating concerns about data loss or storage limitations.

Over 60 + Content Generating Templates

Ferax AI offers over 60 ready-made templates that cater to various content creation needs.

These templates cover areas such as blogs, social media, marketing, letters, emails, Google ads, and copy. With professionally designed and customizable templates, users can save time and effort while creating engaging content across different platforms.

AI Generated Images & Storage

Leverage the image generation capabilities of Ferax AI to effortlessly create stunning visuals that amplify your content. Simply describe your image idea and let Ferax AI bring it to life, eliminating the need for design tools or graphic design skills. 

Experience the power and convenience of Ferax AI for seamless image generation and storage, empowering you to enhance your content with visually appealing visuals.

16 Intuitive AI Chat Bots

Ferax AI introduces a collection of 16 intuitive AI chatbots designed to assist you with an extensive range of topics. No matter what you need help with, these intelligent chatbots are here to provide support and guidance.

From technical queries to creative conundrums, Ferax AI chatbots are equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to engage in meaningful conversations. 

AI Generated Speech to Text

Our speech-to-text feature, provides you with the ability to effortlessly extract text from audio files, including UDIs (Unique Device Identifiers). With this innovative feature, you can easily convert spoken words into written text, making it convenient for transcribing meetings, interviews, lectures, or any other audio recordings.

By utilizing our speech-to-text feature, you can save valuable time and effort by eliminating the need for manual transcription. 

AI Generated Text to Speech

Our cutting-edge text-to-speech feature, allowing you to effortlessly convert written text into natural-sounding speech. This powerful tool opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to generate automated voice response systems (IVRs), engaging voicemails, interactive training materials, and more.

From webinars to video trainings, our text-to-speech feature revolutionizes the way you leverage speech in various applications.

AI Generated Programming Code

Ferax AI empowers programmers to elevate their coding abilities with an advanced AI programming feature. This powerful tool is designed to assist and enhance your coding experience, providing invaluable support in writing and correcting code.

With Ferax AI’s programming feature, you gain access to a robust set of AI capabilities specifically crafted for programmers. It understands your coding requirements and provides intelligent suggestions, helping you write code more efficiently and accurately.


We are powerful when we unite.

Although our team is growing, we are all striving towards a single objective: making social media more efficient. This can be challenging, but it is necessary for teams everywhere.

Alexandre Prota Anavin – Founders

PageBold is a social media analytics platform that provides businesses with tools and insights to help them optimize their social media performance. The platform was founded in 2019 by a team of tech entrepreneurs who recognized the growing importance of social media for businesses of all sizes. They set out to create a platform that would help businesses better understand their social media performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their results.
The founding team of PageBold had extensive experience in social media and data analytics, and they leveraged this expertise to create a platform that was both powerful and easy to use. They designed the platform to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools for social media monitoring, analysis, and reporting. These tools allowed businesses to track their performance across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

We Use Design and Technology To Give Entrepreneurs the Optimal Use of Their Social Media

Our Values

Our vision and daily interactions with one another are influenced by the values listed below. The fundamental principle of treating people well forms the foundation of our culture.

Show determination.

Facing challenges is unavoidable. We demonstrate the ability to recover from difficulties.

Concentrate on what is important.

We allocate our time, effort, resources, and energy towards activities that will generate the greatest effect.

Supporting the decision or action.

We share our opinions without regard for opposing views, but once a decision is reached.

Have humility

We conduct ourselves with respect, honesty, and confidence, without ever displaying arrogance.

Exhibit strength and resilience

We recognize that adversity is a part of life, but we maintain a positive and resilient mindset.

Experience Seamless Communication with PageBolt

High-definition video and audio

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High-definition video and audio

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Screen sharing and annotation

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Customizable meeting settings

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